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Thoughtful solutions and recommendations for the installation and maintenance of lawns and turfgrass

A thick and uniform lawn is the dream of every garden owner. The lawn is a green oasis of human well-being, it creates coziness in the garden and gives a feeling of spaciousness, optically expanding the garden area.


Stā has more than 12 years of experience in installing high-quality, long-lasting lawns, performing a full cycle of work from site preparation to lawn restoration, maintenance and mowing. Please fill in application form, and we will prepare an offer that meets your needs.

Site preparation - the first important stage of work

The soil is replaced or supplemented with the fertile soil layer depending on the desired end result, whether the lawn will serve more as the decorative lawn with minimal/medium load or it will serve as the sports lawn with high load, and taking into account the original soil composition.


Sow or lay the turfgrass

A beautiful result can be obtained with both solutions, but the time frame and costs required to obtain the result will differ. Regardless of whether one chooses to sow the lawn or lay the turfgrass, the requirements for the preparation of the base layer are the same.

The turfgrass is carefully cultivated natural lawn turf

The turfgrass is becoming more and more popular, as it allows you to immediately get a high-quality, uniform lawn, which completes the garden and does not impose restrictions on the use of the territory. It is also a good solution in situations where damaged lawn areas need to be filled. The turfgrass is even, with no empty fields and virtually has no weeds. In terms of cost, it is a one-time but more expensive investment. Stā cooperates with the experienced grower EasyGreen in laying the turfgrass.

  • instant result,

  • You can walk immediately, but more active use is possible after about 7 days,

  • Higher laying and material costs. You can learn about the costs of the turfgrass materials at the website

When sowing the lawn, you should expect a longer time until the lawn is ready for use

  • Lower installation and material costs,

  • longer time to thick overgrown sod,

  • you have to wait longer before starting active use.

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Lawn maintenance  

The lawn needs regular maintenance if you want it to look good for a long time. It is important to perform actions according to the air and ground temperature, we start verticulating the lawn with tying and lawn laying works only when the ground temperature has reached a stable +10 degrees. Otherwise, the desired result will not be achieved.


You should take into account that the turfgrass should also be regularly maintained. There is a misconception that the laid beautiful the turfgrass will remain unchanged, but no, verticulation should be done 1-2 times a year, additional fertilizer should be given 2-3 times a season, regular watering and mowing should be ensured.

Best time to install

The lawn can be laid from April to October when the soil temperature is above 10 degrees. If the lawn is installed in hot weather, special attention should be paid to its regular watering. When landscaping a new garden, the lawn is usually laid after planting and hedges development.

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Get an estimate for the turfgrass laying

Please fill in the application form and you will receive a price offer for the turfgrass laying.

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