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The development of the garden starts with your dream, we, in turn, will take care of its practical realization

The garden is like everyone's personal oasis, a haven of peace, where we find strength and recover energy after hard working day. It is important to develop the garden in harmony with your inner being, then it will bring peace, well-being and satisfaction.


Garden planning begins with CONVERSATION, listening to the client's wishes.


At the initial stage, it is decided what functions the garden will perform and what elements should be included in it. What functional areas would you like to include in the garden - lounge place with the hammock, the outdoor kitchen area with herb plantings, fire place for enjoying peace in the evenings? Do you want to separate the garden or some of its area with the hedge? Maybe there is a plant that you definitely want to see in your garden? It is ok if you do not have the answers to all these questions, we will help you. The main thing for you is to formulate in your dreams and thoughts what kind of feeling and functionality the garden should provide.


Next, the work of the landscape architect begins, implementing your dream from practical and site-appropriate elements. At the initial stage of the garden development, we develop the concept, determine the most important nuances of the elements in the garden (lounge areas, paths, pergolas, steps, water features), select the most suitable plants and solutions for the specific place. When planning the garden, do not forget to install the irrigation system and lighting elements in the garden.

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