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Irrigation systems that provide the optimal amount of water for each part of the garden

Water is vital for any plant, so it could not only grow, but is able to make you happy with all its beauty. Watering should be done regularly, and different groups of plants should be treated differently. Stā offers the installation of irrigation systems using the high-quality products of Hunter brand to save people's time and ensure optimal watering for each part of the garden.

When installing an automatic irrigation system:

  • You save time saved as you do not need to spend time watering manually

  • You reduce water consumption

  • Each area (lawn, hedge, plantings) receives the exact amount of moisture it needs

  • The garden is watered also during your absence

  • It is possible to coordinate and edit watering times in the phone application


Different watering zones

Lawns, hedges and flower beds require different watering intensity. By dividing the irrigation system into zones, the optimal duration and intensity of watering is set for each segment. Thus, it is possible to promote better and more magnificent growth of each plant group.


When to install a irrigation system?

It is best to install the irrigation system at the garden development stage, when the terrain is established and known, but before the lawn/carpet lawn is installed. However, it is also possible to install the irrigation system in the existing lawn. In this case, the sod is carefully removed, then a trench is dug/pipes inserted, and then the sod is put back. The installation sites will no longer be visible within two weeks.


For our installed systems we carry out:

  • Launching

  • Winterization

  • Survey and inspection of the installed irrigation system

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