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We don't just make gardens with lean lawn and gorgeous hedge - we also maintain the garden so it could always thrill you

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Garden construction

How to construct or transform the garden so it could bring joy and aesthetic pleasure and at the same time be functional, with the most suitable plants and elements for the site? This is section where the dream garden begins to materialize in the lawn, paths, lounge zone and gorgeous plants.

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Lawn and turfgrass

Sow or lay the turfgrass Learn about the main differences between the types of both lawns, as well as get the price calculation for lawn laying. But before laying, learn about the site preparation, lawn maintenance and the time when it is best to start the works.

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Hedge planting and maintenance

Learn about different types of hedges and their differences to choose the most functionally and visually appropriate. Valuable information on the hedge planting from soil preparation to the choice, maintenance and trimming of plants. Please fill in the form and find out the cost of hedge planting!

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Installation of the irrigation system

The irrigation system saves human time and effort by providing optimal watering for each area of the garden so that each plant receives exact amount of water it needs for gorgeous greening, flowering and growth. Learn all about the benefits of irrigation systems!

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Individual approach to each garden

Stā carries out the full cycle of garden construction, from the development of the plan/project to the finished garden.


Our team is small and this allows us to be fully present in every garden we develop and ensure the perfect result. More than 12 years of experience, versatile knowledge and love for our work are the reason why we are able to provide an equally excellent result in the project of any size.


It is important for us to bring your dream garden to life by developing a place for new dreams.


> 12
years of experience


> 500
satisfied customer


> 800,000
planted plants


> 25,000
installed m2 of turfgrass

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Reliable cooperation partners

Knowledge of current trends of the industry and cooperation with other companies in the industry allow us to complete the work in a high-quality and smooth manner.

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Send a message and we will contact you as soon as possible

We will be happy to fulfil your garden dreams! Please send us a message using the contact form below and we will contact you as soon as possible. Please provide as much information as possible - about the location of the garden, its size and your wishes to have more productive conversation.

In case of urgent questions, please call Ivanda Kice + 371 22083484 or write

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